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Steelcase: Products & Services
  • Steelcase specializes in innovative office equipment that has a functional but attractive design
  • Their products address the problems of interior architecture,
  • They received their first patent for a steel wastebasket in 1914 carries equipment and furnishings from their top brands, including:

Steelcase: Company Background
  • Steelcase was founded in 1912.
  • In 2011, the company made over two billion dollars in revenue
  • They started trading as the Metal Office Furniture Company
  • The Name was changed to Steelcase in 1954
  • Their first location was in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • The organization is built on core values of integrity, truth and commitment
  • They treat their employees well and have passed on their values from generation to generation
Steelcase: Customer Feedback & Reviews
  • Steelcase customers like the design and functionality of the products that they develop and distribute
  • The only drawback is that is can be difficult to control the settings on some of their equipment

“I've been so sick and tired of cheap chairs. I've tried some from $30 all the way up to nearly $200. All of them were cheap and would break within a year. Back pain was also an issue. I work at home and often I am sitting in a chair for up to 8 hours per day.

I did a few hours of research into chairs and came across this one. Luckily I found a local seller that offered them. A big plus for me is that mine came fully assembled.

The first day was pretty terrible. It was extremely hard to get used to and somewhat painful. After the first few days I actually emailed the company to complain. Recently I even had a friend sit in it and it caused him pain too. Somehow it just takes time to adjust.

After about a week I got used to the chair and it became comfortable.

I love this chair so much that I can't imagine going without it. I've had this chair for over a year and a half and it has never caused my any back pain. The seat is not very soft, but I can sit in it all day with any pain.

Worth noting is that it can take a long time to get the seat perfect. There are so many adjustments and it took me awhile to figure out everything.”

Travis Dockweiler

Jan, 2009

Steelcase: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
Steelcase: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • Steelcase has a Google page rank of 6. This is considered a very good page rank.
  • According to Alexa, has a traffic ranking of 107,874 in the world
  • Each page loads in about one second
  • The site receives 10,107 page views a day and earns a fair amount from advertising
  • The value of the site is about $22,332
Steelcase: Social Media Presence
  • Steelcase has profiles on the following social networks:
  • Twitter-They have 8,036 followers and have made 2,733 tweets. They tweet on the history of their company and their products
  • Pinterest-If you would like to learn more about their designs, they have many pictures
  • FaceBook-5,579 people are their fans on FaceBook
  • They also have a Google+ profile and a blog
Steelcase: Website Security & Safety
  • Steelcase was tested with Google safe browsing
  • Fifteen pages were tested on the site over the past ninety days
  • Suspicious content has never been found on the website during a Google test
  • None of them resulted in malware being installed or downloaded without user consent
  • It is a safe site for online shopping
Steelcase: Pricing & Packages

Steelcase’s top sellers include:

  • Currency Home Habitat Desk is a corner desk with two file drawers. It costs $1,045.
  • The Walkstation is an electric height-adjustable work surface integrated with a commercial treadmill. You can walk at a comfortable pace and burn calories while you get other work done. It costs $4,399.
  • A Dash LED Task Light costs $325. It provides optimal lighting wherever you place it and complements the décor with its clean design.
Steelcase: Shipping Rates & Policies

Steelcase shipping options are provided to get the item you order to you in the best condition

The company offers the following alternatives:

  • FedEx Ground-Free within the Continental United States and an extra charge applied to other areas such as Alaska
  • Inside Delivery Only-This starts at $75 and applies to merchandise shipped within the Continental United States
  • White Glove Delivery and Installation-Fees for this service start at $175. This is ideal for fragile items
Steelcase: Payment Methods Accepted
  • Steelcase products may be purchased using a credit card that has a billing address that is within the Continental United States
  • This applies to Visa, Discover, Master card and American Express
  • They also accept payments for items via debit cards and check cards that have a US address
  • If you prefer to make payments via PayPal, that option is also provided
Steelcase: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • Steelcase offers a limited lifetime warranty to their clients that covers the original purchaser
  • This does not cover normal wear and tear or products which have not been installed or utilized in accordance with the guidelines set out by the manufacturers

The warranty applies to products delivered in the following regions:

Steelcase: Product images & screenshots
Steelcase Coupons
Get 10% Off when you spend $5,000 @ Steelcase
Get Get Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Items Shipped via FedEx Ground @ Steelcase
Get Free Shipping & Free Returns @ Steelcase
Get Get Free Shipping & Free Returns @ Steelcase
Get Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Items Shipped @ Steelcase
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Get 10% Off when you spend $5,000 @ Steelcase
Get Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Items Shipped via FedEx Ground @ Steelcase
Get Free Shipping & Free Returns @ Steelcase
Get Free Shipping & Free Returns @ Steelcase
Get Free Shipping & Free Returns on All Items Shipped @ Steelcase